Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tim's 26th Birthday!

Tim's 26th Birthday!
It's MY turn to spoil HIM!

Here's what Tim woke up to! ( I got up really really early...)
The Cake!
The first present... ( I tricked him!)

Oops! This present isn't for you... this is for Jaycee! What could it be???


It's a sign! ( Really regretted this one by the end of the day...)

Making Timmy's Birthday Pancakes

Getting ready to chow down

Tim's first bite as a 26 year-old!

Please let me open another present! Yay! Cherry chapstick!

Time for cake... Aren't the colored flames cool???

Crap... when you look at it this close you can tell they're Christmas sprinkles, huh?

Make a wish...

Cutting the cake


What's this?

Yay! Underwear! ( He has finger over the tag so you can't see that he got the next size up...)

New T-Shirts!

I had to replace his ratty old pj's...

Oooh... pretty!

The Complete Michael Savage Collection! Just what he wanted!

The Vicks vaporizer liquid kinda gives away what the other half of the present is, huh?

Don't ask me... this is what he wanted!

Last but not least, "Family Guy's- Stewie Griffin the Untold Story"!


For Tim's birthday, he wanted to spend the day at the Black Chasm Caverns in Volcano, CA.

Oops, didn't know he was gonna take that one.

We had such a wonderful day! There's no better way than spending an entire day making my wonderful husband feel as special as he really is. Hope you enjoyed the site and we'll try to update it every so often to clue you in on what's going on in our family. :) If you haven't already seen our wedding pictures, the website is !